• Governing Board comprised of eminent reputable Nigerians and medical specialists, chaired by reputable public figure and supported by an international NGO partner and corporate donors. Provide oversight and approve business decisions.
  • Members Forum comprised of due-paying members (Nigerian NGO). Sets the patient eligibility criteria. Screens, recruits and recommends patients for support.
  • Executive Director serves as the Fund Administrator, oversees patient applications, fund raising campaigns, and membership coordination.


  • Donations: seed fund and ongoing funding largely from private sector within Nigeria*
  • Revenue generating activities: fundraising campaigns, investments


  • Nigerian NGOs participate through membership model, paying dues to become a voting member on the Members Forum. Patients will apply for Pink Oak funding through a Nigerian NGO member.
  • Cancer Centers of Excellence (public and private) provide discounted services and quality assurance of treatment through MOUs with Pink Oak
  • International NGO partner for technical mentorship and support

Nigerian funding sources will target corporate CSR, across banking, energy, FMCG, pharma, and other major industries. Funding source and mechanism will not overlap or be in direct competition with existing local NGOs’ fundraising efforts

Governing Board

  • 10 members including Chair
  • Board members consist of business leaders, academics, public figures, int. NGO partner
  • Minimum of 2 oncologists who will be responsible for the initial medical review of applications for funding
  • Responsible for setting the strategic vision of the organization and approval of applications for funding


  • Treatment fund will be financed largely through private sector (corporate CSR and donations from high net worth individuals)
  • Operating expenses financed through grants
  • Additional revenue generation through fund raising campaigns and investments
  • Negotiated discounts at partner hospitals will reduce total cost of treatment per patient

Members’ Forum

  • Comprised Nigerian NGOs and participating institutions
  • Will pay annual membership dues
  • Together with the patient, will pay 25% of total treatment cost for each patient a member sends to Pink Oak
  • Responsible for establishing the patient eligibility criteria (medical and socioeconomic). Review criteria annually. Final approval by the Board

Executive Director

  • Reports directly to the Board
  • Responsible for general operations of the organization (including membership coordination, funding raising activities, administrative duties, and coordinating applications for funding)

2 key strategies for success are multi-source funding and partnerships

Multi-source donations pooled into The Pink Oak Breast Cancer Treatment Fund to provide supplemental financing required to complete treatment

Participating local NGOs pay dues to access the Pink Oak treatment fund. Member NGOs determine patient eligibility criteria. Multi-stage approval process ensure no misuse of funds

Designated Centers of Excellence and partner institutions offer discounted comprehensive care. Total treatment regimen paid directly by Pink Oak to the treating institution

Patient Flow

How it works

Fund pooling will ensure sufficient financing for the totality of treatment

Pink Oak will cover costs associated with diagnosis and treatment*