Membership Registration

We need you.


Membership of the Pink Oak Cancer Trust is open to not-for-profit, non-governmental organizations. Interested organizations should read the following information before completing the Membership Registration Form.

Membership Criteria

  1. The organization must be duly registered in Nigeria by the Corporate Affairs Commission.
  2. The organization’s Mission and Vision should be aligned with that of Pink Oak
  3. The organization must have demonstrated impactful and sustained efforts in the areas of cancer awareness, advocacy, education, screening, diagnostics, treatment, and capacity building.
  4. The organization has not historically been, and is not currently involved, in any legal disputes and criminal activities.

Organizations whose membership application is successful would be required to do the following:

  1. Sign the Membership Agreement, confirming that it agrees with the Vision, Values, Mission, and Goals of Pink Oak, and that it will perform all its duties and obligations as a member of the Pink Oak Members Forum.
  2. Pay annual dues in the amount agreed by the Members Forum, and approved by the Board by the end of the first quarter of every fiscal year.

Duties of Members

  1. Members shall attend meetings of Members Forum, and participate in making decisions leading to the achievement of the objectives of Pink Oak
  2. Members shall recommend patients who pass the eligibility criteria for cancer treatment support
  3. Members shall help to mobilize at least 25% of total funds required for the treatment of the patients coming from them.

Benefits of Pink Oak Membership

  1. Member organizations will be able to provide support to more cancer patients through Pink Oak co-funding.
  2. Members shall have access to cancer resource materials to be made available by Pink Oak
  3. Members may benefit from technical support
  4. Pink Oak will provide high-level networking opportunities for member organizations, through its activities.
  5. Members shall benefit from technical support and free mentorship opportunities that Pink Oak will provide, especially in the area of fundraising.
  6. Members’ activities and support for cancer patients will get enhanced visibility.

If you want your organizations to become a member of The Pink Oak Cancer Trust, kindly complete this Registration Form online.