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Pink Oak #DonateToBeatCancer Campaign raises First Million

Pink Oak Cancer Trust raises more than a million naira in donations less than two months after launching #DonateToBeatCancer campaign.

It has been less than two months since #DonateToBeatCancer campaign was launched and Nigerians have turned out in number in numbers to join the cancer fight.

The campaign which was launched April 20th, 2018 with an event featuring cancer survivors, Pink Oak donors and other stakeholders has called on every Nigerian whether rich or poor, to #DonateToBeatCancer through the website, donation forms, and bank transfers.

Nigerians responded to this call through a total donation of N1,015,600 in less than 2 months. Pink Oak received donation pledges from 134 individuals of which 91 among them have redeemed theirs. The highest individual donor to the #DonateToBeatCancer campaign made a donation of N200,000 while the least donation was N100. The average donation per-person is currently about N11,000. donations. Pink Oak has begun recruitment of patients as more donations from well-meaning Nigerians are being anticipated.

Donations are been made through or bank transfer to @gtbank 0259574375 or @zenithbankplc 1015523209. More Nigerians are encouraged to join the cancer fight through #DonateToBeatCancer.



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